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Plasma Chamber

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Plasma Chamber

Installable inside any under vacuum chamber for metallization or any other coating, it gives you the possibility to treat materials up to a speed of 1000 m/min. The particular design of the chatodes (chatodes built from a full piece) together with the robustness of the structure guarantees an absolute stability of conditions during running.


  • Web width up to 4500 mm
  • Chamber completely built in stainless steel
  • Chamber completely openable for easy cleaning
  • N.1 group of electrodes (chatodes). The electrodes are kept at constant temperature through cooling water. Cathodes built from a full piece of stainless steel (no welding system).
  • N.1 system of magnets mounted on the cap of the chamber in order to focalize and strengthen the plasma in the area where the film passes
  • N.1 gas adduction system placed on the film entrance side
  • N.1 connector for vacuum to be inserted between the plasma chamber and the metallizer chamber. This connector allows to reach the plasma chamber at atmospheric pressure.

Plasma Chamber - 01
Plasma Chamber - 02
Plasma Chamber - 03

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