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Induction Cap Sealing

MR-RI 6k/8k/10k/12k/15k

Product & Applications

Induction heating system MR/RI-6K - MR/RI-8K - MR/RI-10K - MR/RI-12K - MR/RI-15K

MR-RI 6k/8k/10k/12k/15k

Medium frequency generator for induction heating, usable in various applications:

  • Welding and grazing
  • Hardening, melting, tempering
  • Preheating and polymerization
  • Coupling and assembly of mechanical parts. (bearings, stators, joints etc.)


  • Air cooled system, only need of water to cool the induction head
  • High efficiency thanks to the configuration of the power circuits and the use of IGBT modules
  • Sinusoidal output waveform
  • Output power strictly constant due to the configuration of the regulation circuits
  • Easy to use terminal operator to display operating parametres and alarm signals
  • Alarm signal in case of output power variation from the pre-set value
  • Start – Stop remote control
  • Sealing area 20 – 120 mm
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN-60204-1 standard
  • Electromagnetic (EMC) compatibility in accordance with EN-5511 and EN-50082-2 standards


  • Thermoregulation of the heated piece
  • Signal of temperature in the working range
  • Signal of exceeding maximum heating time

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