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Induction Cap Sealing

MR/CS 1000

Product & Applications

Cap sealer model MRCS 1000 Multipurpose, air-cooled generator - Induction Cap Sealing system

MR/CS 1000

With dinamic sealing, the induction coil is centred over the filling line conveyor belt and sealing is carried out on the moving containers.

The generator is controlled by a small PLC with a display and it performs the operations of:

  • Start-Stop
  • Visualization of alarms
  • Visualization of analogic dimension for generator operation
  • Induction voltage and continuous current
  • Sealing time setting (static sealing)


  • Portable, compact, air-cooled generator
  • Excellent performance due to power circuit configuration and the use of special Power Mosfets (>90%)
  • Fine adjustment and uninterrupted output power
  • Absolute stability of output power settings
  • Sinusoidal output wave-form
  • Digital timer for control of sealing time
  • Control, display of working sizes and alarm signals by PLC
  • Alarm signal in the event of faults or variations in output power
  • Remote-controlled Start-Stop
  • Sealing area 20 -120 mm
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN-60204-1 standard
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with EN-55100 and EN-50082-2 standards


  • Motorised column with adjustable height
  • Aluminium film detector
  • Container accumulation detector

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