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Cap sealer model MR/GST 2K-IGBT (Water cooled) - Induction Cap Sealing system


More than 500 installations around the world make this cap sealer model a champion of absolute reliability for any kind of application. The cap sealing system is dimensioned for applications of medium-high speed (until 15.000 bottles/h) and it is available with various induction heads to solve sealing problems starting from little mouth diameters (20 mm) until containers with big openings (120 mm).


  • High sealing performances until conveyor speed of 40 m/min due to the special design of the induction heads
  • Possibility to seal cap diameters between 20 and 120 mm of any shape (flat cap-sport cap ..)
  • Easy to use terminal operator to display operating parameters and alarm signals
  • Measuring system for foil absorbed energy
  • Quick production change thanks to the motorized variable height column
  • Easy changing of induction heads: a special construction allows a change in a very short time
  • Compact construction for easy installation on existing filling lines
  • High efficiency thanks to the configuration of the power circuits and the use of IGBT modules
  • Output power strictly constant due to the regulation circuits
  • Absolute absence of cooling water inside the generator box in contact with electrical parts
  • Alarm signal in case of output power variation from the pre-set value
  • Start-Stop remote control
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN-60204-1 standard
  • Electromagnetic (EMC) compatibility in accordance with EN-55011 and EN 50082-2 standards


  • RAC system (antiaccumulation device)
  • RMA system (stalled container detector)
  • System of power regulation proportional to the speed of the conveyor
  • Alluminium foil detector
  • Motorized column adjustable in height
  • Chiller for cooling water
  • Belt conveyor for the containers
  • Ejection system for faulty containers
  • Under pressure version to work in dangerous areas with explosive materials
  • Fieldbus connection to production process ASI\PROFIBUS\CAM OPEN\DEVICE NET

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