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Ozone Destroyers

The corona treater inevitably produces ozone, this ozone has to be destroyed before emitting air in atmosphere. These ozone destroyers are installable on extrusion lines and converting lines, they can treat air rich of ozone up to a flow rate of 10.000 m3/h. The use of a special catalytic absorber completely protected by specific filters guarantees a great efficiency and long life time.


  • Conversion of ozone in oxigen through the action of the catalytic absorber
  • Residual ozone at the exit minor than 0.1 ppm
  • High efficiency due to the use of a special catalytic absorber
  • Lifetime of the absorber practically unlimited thanks to the use of filters that protect it from dust, moisture and other substances that could lower the efficiency of the absorber
  • Manufactured in accordance with european norms (norm CEE 97-72)
  • Stainless steel fully manufactured system
  • Openable system to allow a fast and easy maintenance of filters
  • N.1 Bag filter C2 in polyester at the entrance to remove dust and aerosol
  • N.1 Polyester wall filter positioned before the absorber bed to remove particles bigger than 1 micron
  • N.1 filter in alumina to protect the catalytic absorber against gas coming from the discharge station
  • N.1 stainless steel frame containing the absorber
  • Catalytic absorber bed
  • N.1 vacuometer measuring the pressure drop inside the destroyer

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