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Corona Treatment

Label Corona Treatment

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Corona Treater Model UUS (Label industry)

Label Corona Treatment

The corona system able to solve all your problems in the label industry. Installable on printing machines, it gives you the possibility to treat both non conductive and conductive materials (such as aluminium foils and metalized films). Speeds of production of 250 m/min have already been reached with this equipment obtaining great benefits for adhesion of inks.


  • Able to treat one or two sides of the web
  • Web width up to 500 mm
  • Specific power (energy density) kept strictly constant during running
  • Corona roller in aluminium covered with conductive ceramic to guarantee a longer life and a great resistance to the ozone attacks
  • Discharge bars in special ceramic material, protected by a sturdy aluminium housing
  • Easy removal of discharge group through fasteners for cleaning
  • Easy air-gap regulation
  • High Voltage inlet studied to have a safe connection absolutely protected by the dust
  • Ozone exhaust system coming out on the transmission side in order to avoid any bending of the flexible hose and a better esthetic effect
  • Rollers statically and dynamically balanced
  • Speed sensor mounted on the corona roller
  • Safety switches shut down the power supply in case of accidental opening of the discharge groups
  • Electromagnetic (EMC) compatibility in accordance with EN-55011 and EN 50082-2 standards


  • Possibility to have the overpressure version for explosive proof environments

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