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Corona MR\B 1K OP2

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Corona Treatment Discharge Generator - IGBT Technology

Corona MR\B 1K OP2

The new generation corona discharge generators represent the new industrial standard for this type of device.

The -MOSFET- modules installed in them, featuring high switching speed with low losses, combined with the configuration of the power circuits, ensure high performance and complete self-protection in the event of accidental overloads.

Unquestionably, these generators, together with a sophisticated operator terminal and the new discharge stations, represent the most up-to-date state of the art for corona treatment equipment.

The generator can be mounted outside or inside an electrical cabinet.


  • High efficiency thanks to the configuration of the power circuits and the use of -MOSFET- modules.
  • Electronic protection in the short-circuit proof inverter power modules.
  • Electronic protection against any short circuits at the high voltage output.
  • Automatic adaption to various load conditions.
  • Single-phase supply voltage 220/240V (without need for a network transformer).
  • Construction according to norm EN-60204-1.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with norms EN-5511 and EN-50082-2.
  • Monitoring, display of work magnitudes and alarm signalling by special operator terminal Op2


  • Fieldbus connection to production process ASI/PROFIBUS/CAM OPEN/DEVICE NET.

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