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Bopp-Pet Corona System

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Bopp-Pet Corona System

The field of BOPP-PET film has always been for years a key-field for ME.RO. Only an history and a very long experience can allow you to manufacture treaters able to guarantee a complete reliability as these big producing plants require. It is not by chance that nowadays ME.RO can be considered the most important mufacturer for this application. This is demonstrated by the fact that the most important producers of BOPP film around the world have joined our technology to reach important treatment results with no downtime in production.


  • Web width up to 10.5 mt.
  • Special electrodes in Aisi 316 stainless steel able to expand freely without modification of the pre setted air gap (easy heat expanding system).
  • Special electrodes rotating movement gives the possibility to the electrodes to move away (without damage) from the corona roller in case of impact with thick parts on the film coming from the die.
  • High stiffness of the structure holding the electrodes.
  • The electrodes and the hood are infact connected to a robust central beam that gives mechanical stability to the stystem.
  • Easy air-gap regulation for perfect uniformity of the treatemnt level along the width.
  • Electrodes opened pneumatically for easy webbing up.

BHSNM Air-GAP adjustment

Bopp-Pet Corona System - 01
Bopp-Pet Corona System - 02
Bopp-Pet Corona System - 03
Bopp-Pet Corona System - 04
Bopp-Pet Corona System - 05
Bopp-Pet Corona System - 06

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