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Whenever you face problems of poor grip of inks or adhesives on your film, or if simply you need higher treatment levels on your pruduct, all you have to do is send us some samples of film rolls and our expertises will be at your disposal to advice with the best solutions. We can also suggest amongst the others:

  • the best treater able to solve your problem at full speed
  • a perfect dimesioning of the plant in order to obtain the maximum result with minimum costs.

In our laboratory it is possible to test your materials with all the different models we manufacture in a way that it will be easy to choose the one really suitable for your purposes.

Do not hesitate to call us at the number +39.0583.406060 (or Fax: +39.0583.406050) (e-mail at info@mero.it) or to send us your packing materials at the following address:

ME.RO spa
Via Balestreri 430,
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Lucca – Italy

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