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Corona Treatment

Corona Treatment

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Corona Treatment Systems, Corona Equipments

The high performances that characterize our plants can be achieved on all the kinds of materials (plastic and metallized films) that the packaging industry is using today.

Along the years ME.RO has always been working in the field of BOPP-PET film. The production capacity of these plants has reached in the last decade incredible values with fast speeds (up to 1000 m/min) and large widths (up to 10.4 m). The answer we have given to the market has brought us to manufacture generators always more powerful (125 kW at the moment) and corona stations suitable to discharge such values of power on the film.

It is not by chance that nowadays the most important producers of BOPP film around the world have joined our technology to reach important treatment results with machine absolutely reliables able to garantee them no stop of productions for years.

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