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Plasma Station

Installable on extrusion lines and converting lines, it gives you the possibility to treat all types of substrates. The particular construction allows to obtain a very low residual Oxygen concentration under the discharge.


  • Able to treat one or two sides of the web
  • Web width up to 4000 mm.
  • Specific power (energy density) kept strictly constant during running
  • Special management of the gas or mixture of gas to be blown under the electrodes
  • Pre chamber before the discharge chamber where a different gas can be blown in order to have a pre elimination of the Oxygen
  • Ceramic bars electrodes or metallic electrodes depending on the substrate to be treated
  • Special blowing system for the mixture of gas under the electrodes
  • Discharge roller covered in silicone rubber or ceramic
  • The discharge roller can be mounted installed on special bearings for easy rotation or supplied with extended shaft for motorization
  • Possibility to use the system as a standard corona
  • Easy removal of discharge groups through fasteners for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy air-gap regulation through few points in easy access position
  • Discharge groups opened pneumatically for easy film inletting
  • Rollers staically and dynamically balanced
  • Safety switches shut down the power supply in case of accidental opening of the hood containing the electrodes
  • Electromagnetic (EMC) compatibility in accordance with EN-55011 and EN 50082-2 standards.

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